Slab formwork: speed and productivity gain

TOP. E.C offers you two options to form your concrete slabs on all construction sites in Martinique and the Caribbean with DokaFlex and DokaDeck products.

The Dokaflex simply consists of wooden beams, "double entry" forks, and tripods on which your plywood will rest. TOP. E.C supplies the plywood and performs the sanding phases (and optional leveling) to obtain the best finishes. Depending on your projects, we establish your shoring plan for your slab formwork while optimizing the rotation of the material. The use of sliding beams in the “double entry” forks makes it possible to respond to different site configurations by avoiding wood cuts from traditional formwork or the unexpected from the prefabricated slab.

Using DokaFlex, it is possible to form a surface of approximately 100 m² per day safely accommodating four workers: a saving of time and productivity to ensure the success of your sites in Martinique and on the other islands of the Caribbean..  

The DokaDeck is a similar system but with formwork panels; you then remove the beams and plywood: saving material and saving time.

Your slabs at very great heights can also be shuttered thanks to our shoring tower system.